“Islam Bhayotpadaneya Dharmavalla”Gananath Yekkar,

Udupi: A book titled “Islam Bhayotpadaneya Dharmavalla” (Islam is not a religion of terrorism) brought out by Shanti Prakashana was released at the city Town Hall Udupi here on Friday December 7. This is a Kannada translation of the Hindi book, “Islam – Aatank Ya Adarsh” authored by Swami Lakshmi Shankaracharya. A symposium on “Present society amidst fear and illusions” was also held on the occasion.

Gananath Yekkar, head of the Postgraduate Department of Kannada at the Government College,
Jamaath-e-Islami Hind State Advisory Committee member Akbar Ali spoke about “Bhaya Mathu Bhramegala Madhye Prasaktha Samaja (“Present society amidst fear and illusions”) in the symposium held on the occasion. Mohammed Kunhi, Convener of Shanthi Prakashana presided over the programme.

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