Udupi: A book titled “Islam Bhayotpadaneya Dharmavalla” (Islam is not a religion of terrorism) brought out by Shanti Prakashana was released at the city Town Hall Udupi here on Friday December 7. This is a Kannada translation of the Hindi book, “Islam – Aatank Ya Adarsh” authored by Swami Lakshmi Shankaracharya. A symposium on “Present society amidst fear and illusions” was also held on the occasion.

Shree Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji of Puttige Math released the book and inaugurated the seminar.
Speaking on the occasion Shree Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji said that religion and the religious priests are being used for selfish reasons. They are taking advantage in the name of God in an organized way. Communal flare up or disharmony is being created by some priests sowing seeds of hatred.

No religion preaches Terrorism – such religion cannot be religion at all. Religion has the role to uphold the righteous deeds. But never ever uphold terrorism. Hence, never can Terrorism be an edifice of any religion, he said.

Those Politicians who fragment the nation and barter the country for selfish ends themselves are the real terrorists. They are more dangerous than any other terrorists. Politicians don’t want to unite Hindus and Muslims. They introduce chasm or divide between people, with vested interests.

It is not fair to blame the entire community over some individual doing wrong. There are villains in every religion, they don’t have any religion as such. We can cement relations between religions when we get to know each other very well and live in harmony, Swamiji said.

Jamayathe Islami Hind State Advisory Committee member Akbar Ali spoke about “Bhaya Mathu Bhramegala Madhye Prasaktha Samaja (“Present society amidst fear and illusions”) in the symposium held on the occasion. Mohammed Kunhi, Convener of Shanthi Prakashana presided over the programme.

Gananath Yekkar, head of the Postgraduate Department of Kannada at the Government College, Dr Nerry Carnelio, Principal of Milagres College, K M Ashraf Translator of the book, Abdusalam Uppinangadi, Sharif were also present.

Moulana Abdul Rasheed Nadki Malpe read out the verses from the Quran. Idrees Hoode welcomed the gathering. Programme convener Mahammed Marakada delivered the vote of thanks. Mubeen Manipal compered the programme.

“Islam Bhayotpadaneya Dharmavalla” Shree Shree Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji of Puttige Math

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