Spreading Islam by all means

1.Using The InformationTechnology for spreading the message of Islam

2. To strive for religious harmony by removing the doubts and misconceptions about islam from the minds of fellow citizens

3.To help the cause of Islamic movement

4. To present the real and comprehensive picture of Islam to the muslim Umma and the importance of practicing it in the personal as well as in the social life.

5.To inform, train and encourage the use of IT among the masses.

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T.V and Movies will be Halal Now!!!!

1.To continue the broad cast of programmes in local cable network and to take up steps to expand the activities at state level
2. To prepare CDs and DVDs about the basic concepts of Islam and various social issues
3. To prepare the CD/DVDs about the Quran –Hadees studies; public speeches , programmes about the Islamic and related topics.
4. Digitizing the Islamic books and publishing the e books.
5. To broad cast all the programmes conducted for Islamic movement.
6. To prepare documentaries and serials related to the Islamic movement and spreading the message of Islam
7. To train and prepare Daaee’s in the use of Digital media
8.Preparing Islamic websites/portals

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